Why Colorado Springs?

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This is a post about why COSIT is important to Colorado Springs, written by Tammy Fields, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance.

Colorado Springs is one of Colorado’s most vibrant cities in which to live, work, and play. The community offers a diverse and thriving marketplace of human capital, innovation and stunning natural beauty. In fact, Colorado Springs was ranked 2nd Most Desirable Place to Live by U.S. News & World Report (4/16). You can experience an affordable cost of living, an extraordinary outdoor lifestyle while still enjoying the wonderful amenities of living in a community of over 675,000 people.

With commutes of 20 minutes or less to anywhere in the city, or to the mountains for a quick hike or bike ride, we’re a city that is easy to get around in. Whether you prefer having a Tuesday night run with Jack Quinn’s Running Club, visiting one of our many local breweries, hiking the Manitou Incline, or enjoying a quiet dinner at a downtown eatery, Colorado Springs has something for everyone.

The region has many unique assets that attribute to the community’s diversity, highly educated workforce and active lifestyle.

Home to the U.S. Olympic Committee Headquarters as well as the U.S. Olympic Training Center, not to mention the headquarters for over 25 national governing bodies of Olympic Sport, it is easy to see why Colorado Springs is called Olympic City USA. The region is also home to many important U.S. military assets including the U.S. Air Force Academy educating tomorrow’s Air Force leaders, as well as several military bases that house critical commands and missions that range from command and control for missile defense to controlling and monitoring the world’s GPS systems.

Information technology is a key sector of the Colorado Springs economy. Three main areas of focus in the region include software development, data storage/data centers, and cyber security. Companies such as HP, Verizon, Broadcom, Oracle, FedEx Services Corporation, Cherwell Software, root9B and many others have significant operations in the community not to mention the large aerospace and defense component that is part of the local IT sector. The recently announced National Cyber Intelligence Center is a Colorado based national cyber security center being established in Colorado Springs to create a U.S. cyber security research lab – a think tank for cyber security. The area of digital or health IT is also a rapidly growing subsector within the state and local economy. From nationally known companies to small start-up operations, Colorado Springs has plenty of career opportunities for IT talent at all levels.

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