Data Center

Data Center

Colorado Springs is an established data center market with +165 MW and +800,000 SF of existing data center space. Our market has been attracting users for decades and continues to draw national attention for new site location and development due to market’s invaluable assets.

Low Cost of Power & Utilities
Colorado Springs Utilities is a municipally owned, non-profit provider for all primary utilities (water, wastewater, electric, and natural gas) nationally recognized for their efficiency, planning, and customer service. They provide data center developers a unique opportunity: Your primary electric line is free, your secondary line is amortized, and they can provide 5-10 year fixed rates near $0.05 KwH with an average 99.994% reliability via service lines that are nearly 75% underground with self-generated power.

Economic Incentives & Development Process
Colorado Springs is the most tax-incentive-aggressive city in the region relative to data center projects. The city government is very business-friendly and has an experienced and knowledgeable “fast-track” development team in place to review and approve development plans and structural design.

Climate & Natural Cooling
With an average relative humidity of 56% and annual average temperatures of 48.5 F degrees, the Colorado Springs climate provides data center users with over 8,000 hours of free cooling each year (over 91% of the year).

Safety & Security
Colorado Springs is a natural disaster safety zone and is untouched by active fault lines, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and other primary natural disasters.

Yes, two recent summers in a row featured wildfires: Waldo Canyon Fire (2012) and the Black Forest Fire (2013). During these events there was was zero downtime for any of the corporate data centers in the city, all of which continued operations without incident or issues.

Fiber Network
Colorado Springs has a rich and robust fiber network comprised of regional and (inter)national providers with metro, long-haul, and dark fiber service available throughout the city.

37% of the 25-and-over Colorado Springs population has a bachelor’s degree or another advanced degree. We provide a highly educated workforce with military security-clearance and training along with a below-national-average cost of living and remarkable outdoor lifestyle.

165 Megawatts

800,000 active sqft

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