A Brief Recap…

Colorado Springs has a rich history of computer related hardware development. It all started in the 1960s when The Hewlett-Packard Company moved an oscilloscope design and assembly operation lock, stock, and barrel to the Springs from Palo Alto, CA. The Springs was chosen due to the availability of technical education in the area. Great universities make hiring easy, and to this day UCCS—which was started thanks in part to HP—is one of the top engineering schools in the nation.

Lots Of Opportunity

The are currently over 25 companies of varying sizes employing this pool of talent.

An Industry That Keeps Growing

In the 1980s Digital Equipment Corporation—or DEC as they were more commonly known—established their disk drive design and manufacturing facilities in Colorado Springs. In support of this major technology presence, many more design and manufacturing operations for computer storage emerged around this DEC facility, creating disk array controllers and subsystems, general purpose storage microprocessors and tape drive subsystems. Today companies such as Quantum Corp., Newisys and Hitachi design and support storage system products with operations in Colorado Springs.

The resource pool that supports this industry in Colorado Springs is well versed in programming the basic operation of complex, high performing hardware-based systems.

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